Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Alexander McQueen Fall 2011 RTW

McQueen's Gothic modern day twist the Victorian styled gown, was a hit for me on the runway. The use of leather bondage straps and high enclosed neck added the story to what was seen as virtuous and beautiful in earlier history. There is something very sensual about all of these gowns without been overly sexual and it is well executed and appreciated.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Chanel Couture Fall 2011

-Chanel Fall 2011

As I was looking through the collection, these were some of my favorite pieces. I really think Chanel has remained honest in their aims to maintain the integrity of the feminine suit and dress. Each year I am amazed to see how they continue to revamp their ideas about the female body and what is flattering. The mix between the heavy and lightweight fabrics, the pleating, the beading, the ruffles, the feathers, the retro prints all give me chills. How I love a glamorous woman.

Remembering Spring Trends Luca Luca

-Luca Luca Spring 2011

I was browsing some of my favorite fashion trends of Spring 2011 and I remember really falling in love with the Spring 2011 line of Luca Luca. The muted color palette and flowing fabrics are in such strong contrast with the newer trends of bold color blocking and modern angles. I think the beauty of feminine colors and fabrics is what draws me to Luca Luca and to clothing in general. I love to see a woman walk down the run way and look as if she is floating. Beautiful.