Monday, April 15, 2013

Prayer For Boston

So I was sitting here at my computer thinking of my next blog and I could only think of Boston. I wont blog about the makeup tonight even though thats what many care to see, tonight we will say a prayer and if you choose please write one below in commemoration of our fallen men, women and children of America.

This is my prayer:

My God, My light, my hope for salvation from the cruel world we live in...I humbly ask why? Why such a joyous day of remembrance stand as a tragedy? My light, I ask that you reach down and smite those who would seek to take the innocent life of another. I ask that you embrace the hearts of all those touched by this tragedy, so they may find peace and healing. The time is now... and I know we must love harder than ever before and grip tightly onto our humanity. Allow peace to sweep this world and hatred to be crushed in its path. I am unworthy and I am merely a flower amongst the gardens but I ask these things of you in hope of change, in hope of justice.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Banana Bonanza!

Okay, so I dont know if you've heard....but I know you have, the new makeup craze is the infamous Ben Nye Luxury Banana Powder. This stuff packs a punch and is soooo worth the small dip into your pocket books. Ben Nye is a company known widely for their stage makeup. And I would say that this Banana Powder is somewhat of a staple in their company; use it to set your makeup, control oil, and give you a flawless face all day. But this powder really did not have its day in the spotlight until makeup artist to Kim Kardashian, Mario Dedivanovic said he used this milky yellow powder to make Ms. Kim fabulous. And "Honey, I do mean fabulous!" (in my best RuPaul voice). But all jokes aside, I had to try it out for myself and it was love. As an oily girl from Brooklyn, this powder had my face stacked like the Empire State building. Flawless!!!! I ordered mine from camera ready cosmetics for about 16.00+. This powder is so finely milled it blows away like baby powder and will have your face looking just about baby smooth. Go out and get it ladies and gents. Its a banana bonanza out there and this stuff is flying off the shelves like hotcakes. Banana hotcakes to be exact.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Summer Cool Nail Obsession: GREEN

Hey beauty bloggers, many of you all may not know, but I am a secret nail polish junkie and every week I am looking for my next color. Recently, my mom brought home a goodie bag and low and behold it was nail polish!! So, I wanted to share with you all my newest CO (color obsession), GREEN. Yes. Green, Green and more Green. Its young, its hip, its flirty and most of all fresh. I'm tired of boring old nudes and metallics...color is the way of the future and its high time we got fancy! So my pick for the month is Permission to Proceed from the Spoiled Collection by Wet n Wild. This little baby retails for about $1.99 in your local CVS drugstore. Check it out!

(thanks to my mom for being a hand model...gotta love those moms)

Summer Sexy Lips

Hey beauty bloggers this month I've been really heavy into the Covergirl Queen Collection lipsticks. If you want those summer sexy lips go out and grab a few! They retail for about $5.60 in your local Walmart. They are creamy, long wearing, and have the sexiest names! My two favorite colors right now have been on the warmer side and look stunning mixed together or standing alone on a fresh face.

Q400: Fine Wine a very plumy red with a hint of purple
Q465: Spicy Seduction a very bold gold.

Swatch time!!
This first swatches are without flash and the second are with flash.

These are medium shine lipsticks, so you can go with a gloss or without. Fear not, lipsticks are summer friendly and offer a change from the simple gloss. If the color is too bold, go out and kiss the hottest guy you can find, and you will have an instant lip stain! No seriously, just put on and dab off and your good too go. I hope you all will go out and try these fab Covergirl lipsticks. And for this price, you wallets will be happy you did. Beauty on a budget...Enjoy!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Look Out

Hey bloggers!!! I have been so out of the loop.. college has taken me away from what I truly writing and of course you, my followers. But I am proud to say that as of May 12th, I graduated with a Bachelors degree in English from the University of NC Charlotte!!!! Hopefully, I will be back on the blogging scene very soon. I am currently on vacation and missing you all dearly. Look for my upcoming blog post, about staying cool and sexy in the summer heat! And until then, whip out that SPF sunscreen and stay protected.

Monday, February 13, 2012


I LOVE ADELE and I cannot get enough of her in this vogue spread. I thought I would share it with you. I know your going to love it too. 

Best Looks of the Grammy's 2012

So this year the Grammy's seemed to more rocks than diamonds, if you know what I mean. But none the less these were my favorite looks of the night. Simple, elegant and very tastefully executed, these stars walked out onto the red carpet and swept away competition. If You have a red carpet favorite, submit it! I will be doing a blog on how you can achieve these red carpet looks on a budget coming up within the next few days. Enjoy!

LL Cool J
Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose


Adam Levine and Anne V

Alicia Keys and Swiss Beats

Carrie Underwood

Julianne Hough

Kate Beckinsale

Paris Hilton


Taylor Swift

The Kings of Leon

Sunday, January 15, 2012

I Was Here

I absolutely adore Beyonce for her dedication and humbleness. This is my anthem for life. I want people to know I was here. And im sure you do too. Congrats Beyonce, you made it and you have left your mark on this world. 

Platform Obsession! Jeffery Campbell Lita Boot

Ok so whats the big deal with platforms, you ask?! I mean you are seeing everywhere and they keep getting higher and higher every single day, soaring to heights unknown by the most experienced birds? Welll, let me tell you what all the show is about. Platforms are absolutely, positively the shoe of the decade! They are as close as you can get to looking tall, slim, and leggaliscious without wearing six inch stilettos. I mean what women doesn't want her legs to look like they're insured for a million dollars? I would have to say a slim percentage because I for one happen to be one of those platform obsessed junkie's. 
My favorite pair out on the market right now that are price friendly and even more foot friendly would have to be Jeffery Campbell's Lita Boot, and boy are they sexy. With a retail price of about $150.00 online at Nordstroms, they even come with a cute box! 

None the less, platforms are in ladies. Make the move, whether they are sky high or a little less, platforms have become a staple in the wardrobe. Pair them with some cut off shorts, a brightly colored chiffon skirt, wide leg jeans, a boyfriend shirt and leggings, a maxi dress, leather, thigh highs, tights, skinny jeans....get the idea? They go with everything! Enjoy ladies....oh and men too!