Monday, April 15, 2013

Prayer For Boston

So I was sitting here at my computer thinking of my next blog and I could only think of Boston. I wont blog about the makeup tonight even though thats what many care to see, tonight we will say a prayer and if you choose please write one below in commemoration of our fallen men, women and children of America.

This is my prayer:

My God, My light, my hope for salvation from the cruel world we live in...I humbly ask why? Why such a joyous day of remembrance stand as a tragedy? My light, I ask that you reach down and smite those who would seek to take the innocent life of another. I ask that you embrace the hearts of all those touched by this tragedy, so they may find peace and healing. The time is now... and I know we must love harder than ever before and grip tightly onto our humanity. Allow peace to sweep this world and hatred to be crushed in its path. I am unworthy and I am merely a flower amongst the gardens but I ask these things of you in hope of change, in hope of justice.