Sunday, January 15, 2012

I Was Here

I absolutely adore Beyonce for her dedication and humbleness. This is my anthem for life. I want people to know I was here. And im sure you do too. Congrats Beyonce, you made it and you have left your mark on this world. 

Platform Obsession! Jeffery Campbell Lita Boot

Ok so whats the big deal with platforms, you ask?! I mean you are seeing everywhere and they keep getting higher and higher every single day, soaring to heights unknown by the most experienced birds? Welll, let me tell you what all the show is about. Platforms are absolutely, positively the shoe of the decade! They are as close as you can get to looking tall, slim, and leggaliscious without wearing six inch stilettos. I mean what women doesn't want her legs to look like they're insured for a million dollars? I would have to say a slim percentage because I for one happen to be one of those platform obsessed junkie's. 
My favorite pair out on the market right now that are price friendly and even more foot friendly would have to be Jeffery Campbell's Lita Boot, and boy are they sexy. With a retail price of about $150.00 online at Nordstroms, they even come with a cute box! 

None the less, platforms are in ladies. Make the move, whether they are sky high or a little less, platforms have become a staple in the wardrobe. Pair them with some cut off shorts, a brightly colored chiffon skirt, wide leg jeans, a boyfriend shirt and leggings, a maxi dress, leather, thigh highs, tights, skinny jeans....get the idea? They go with everything! Enjoy ladies....oh and men too! 

Dare to Wear

The newest trend amongst men seems to be the man bracelet! From the rosary style beads, to the ultra lush leather braids, the silver clasps, the cuff, the precious stones, and the metal work, the man bracelet has become the newest accessory next to the watch. Right now its seems as though everyone is jumping on this trend, from the master of silver David Yurman to less expensive brands like Forever 21, we have seen this new bracelet trend emerge and transform on wrist right before our eyes! 

With so many different styles available, there is no way you cant get a little man power going with this daring move. It was just yesterday that rap mogul and self proclaimed fashion icon Kanye West was photographed wearing a Cartier Love Bracelet and a few Egyptian style gold bangles, the highlight of his outfit. I'm sure we can expect more men to make this daring move and show a little more fashion sense in the wrist department. Perhaps trying a tailor made suit with something modern and chic on the wrist besides a watch... But just case you cant hit it off with Cartier or Yurman here are a few of my shop around favorites! 

TopMan: Color Block Bead Wrist-wear for $16.00

Hermes: Crazy Caleche for $2,375.00

Alexander McQueen: Woven Skull Bracelet for $570.00 at Neiman Marcus

David Yurman: Curb Chain Bracelet in Color Change Garnet for $8,900.00

Tiffany & Co.: Paloma's Zellige Cuff for $475.00

Miansai: Half Rope & Half Brass Bracelet for $155.00 at Barneys

Sydney Evan: Goldstone & Diamond Charm Bracelet for $905.00 at Bergdof Goodman

Tammy: Love Knot for $45.00

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Updates on My Progress

Hello everyone,

I think I've finally started to get somewhere with my blog and how it looks. I will continue to improve it for my readers and hopefully write on a few new topics soon. If your reading this and have some feedback for me, please feel free to leave a comment and let me know if there is anything you'd like to hear or see from me. Thanks again bloggers!


30 Americans

As the years have passed, I've grown more and more fond of contemporary art, most notably African American Contemporary Art. There was a time not too long ago where Black artistry only existed through the filtered perceptions of the Caucasian eye. It was only when the Black Arts Movement came along, a new Black aesthetic was born, an aesthetic that was far too long needed, in order to create a vision of beauty with a black face. During my break from school, I took a train ride to go see the absolutely breathtaking work of 30 of the most influential and talented African American contemporary artists, in the Corcoran Museum. This thought provoking and captivating exhibit not only focused on the contemporary racial, social, and sexual identity of the African but also gave a stage to its rich historical legacy as the American.

Two of my personal favorite artists in the exhibit were young Kehide Wiley and the ever-famous Xaviera Simmons. 

Kehide Wiley
This painting is almost 25 feet high and takes up an entire wall in the Corcoran. This photo does not do it justice. The immaculate details are jaw dropping. 

Xaviera Simmons
"One Day and Back Then"

Xaviera Simmons
"One Day Back Then"

The exhibit displayed various mediums of artwork like photography, video, painting, mixed media, and sculpture. Often times I found myself wondering, what was this particular artist thinking when he or she began this project. How was it that a single mind could create such captivating pieces of beauty? It was then I understood, that even though an artist may act alone, his artistry is undoubtedly fueled by the experiences of self and of those existing around him. But nonetheless, I can say that though this was a spectacular exhibit some of the pieces were rather dull and left me uninspired. And I assume that's true of all art; you either love it or you dont. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I do rather hope that Corcoran decides to continue to do exhibit's such as this, label-less and unsuspecting, 30 Americans is a jab at our human tendency to assume the normative, and filter what we consider to subjective and objective through the racial eye, only to remind us that everything is not as it seems.