Friday, August 26, 2011

Listening Session

Still in the building phase of my portfolio...

More importantly on my mind has been this new "foundness". Im not really to sure where its leading me and sometimes I just do it for the thrill. I think I may have to conceal my true feelings in order to continue. I feel my insecurity seeping up through the cracks in my concrete exterior. You know how people always want what they know they cant have? Thats me. And my feelings wont change but my mentality will definitely be altered.

Friday, August 12, 2011


Sitting in Panera watching people by and I asked myself the question without answers: How do people create their own style? What defines them? And then it hit me....not a damn thing. i guess that most people just pull on what feel comfortable to them...something short and tight, long and warm...who knows.

I think that everyone is most definately entitled to their own opinion about clothes but I mean really what do we have the style network for and TLC's "What Not To Wear"? Guess its just pointless tv and after coffee jibber jabber. One day I think I'm going to walk up to someone and say, " Hey, what made you put that on?

Good Morning

Managed to wake up this morning on time and still get to work a half an hour late. Seemingly, at the same time I figured why not write my first blog post! Sounded like a good idea right? Yes. But what to write about? So many thoughts and infinite amount of time while at work! If its all the same to you I dont think this first post has anything to with fashion, art, good food, or good sex...but more along the lines of how I came to love a man that may have been my world and able to "tell my whole life" and lost him in the shuffle of my own scatter brained world. Last night, for the first time I told him I felt like we were drifting apart...and I think it hurt him more not because I felt that way but because I had actually said it. I should think on this more and come back to it...