Sunday, January 15, 2012

Platform Obsession! Jeffery Campbell Lita Boot

Ok so whats the big deal with platforms, you ask?! I mean you are seeing everywhere and they keep getting higher and higher every single day, soaring to heights unknown by the most experienced birds? Welll, let me tell you what all the show is about. Platforms are absolutely, positively the shoe of the decade! They are as close as you can get to looking tall, slim, and leggaliscious without wearing six inch stilettos. I mean what women doesn't want her legs to look like they're insured for a million dollars? I would have to say a slim percentage because I for one happen to be one of those platform obsessed junkie's. 
My favorite pair out on the market right now that are price friendly and even more foot friendly would have to be Jeffery Campbell's Lita Boot, and boy are they sexy. With a retail price of about $150.00 online at Nordstroms, they even come with a cute box! 

None the less, platforms are in ladies. Make the move, whether they are sky high or a little less, platforms have become a staple in the wardrobe. Pair them with some cut off shorts, a brightly colored chiffon skirt, wide leg jeans, a boyfriend shirt and leggings, a maxi dress, leather, thigh highs, tights, skinny jeans....get the idea? They go with everything! Enjoy ladies....oh and men too! 

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