Saturday, June 2, 2012

Summer Sexy Lips

Hey beauty bloggers this month I've been really heavy into the Covergirl Queen Collection lipsticks. If you want those summer sexy lips go out and grab a few! They retail for about $5.60 in your local Walmart. They are creamy, long wearing, and have the sexiest names! My two favorite colors right now have been on the warmer side and look stunning mixed together or standing alone on a fresh face.

Q400: Fine Wine a very plumy red with a hint of purple
Q465: Spicy Seduction a very bold gold.

Swatch time!!
This first swatches are without flash and the second are with flash.

These are medium shine lipsticks, so you can go with a gloss or without. Fear not, lipsticks are summer friendly and offer a change from the simple gloss. If the color is too bold, go out and kiss the hottest guy you can find, and you will have an instant lip stain! No seriously, just put on and dab off and your good too go. I hope you all will go out and try these fab Covergirl lipsticks. And for this price, you wallets will be happy you did. Beauty on a budget...Enjoy!

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